Kawaguchiko 5th Station

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Kawaguchiko 5th Station 2013/1/27 23:18
i am quite confused betweem kawaguchi station and kawaguchi 5th station.

On the net, i saw the bus from shinjuku terminal is to Kawaguchi 5th Station. Is this correct station to get to kachi kachi rope way to the nearest observation deck (where there is a Rabbit figurine)? if yes, wow far to kachi kachi ropeway? walking distance or bus?

many thanks
mei leng

by Rei Expresso  

Re: Kawaguchiko 5th Station 2013/1/28 09:02
The 5th Station is halfway up Mount Fuji. Nowhere near the rabbit ropeways. You should go to Kawaguchiko Station and take a retro bus from there. Alternativelt it is possible to walk there as explained here:
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Re: Kawaguchiko 5th Station 2013/1/28 13:37
Are the 2 mentioned stations open in February or it is closed?
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Re: Kawaguchiko 5th Station 2013/1/29 05:48
Note that the Kachi Kachi Ropeway is closed for maintenance from Jan 15 to Feb 8 this year.



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Re: Kawaguchiko 5th Station 2013/1/29 07:49
the 5th station probably will be...it was the last time i was there in march.
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