Hamamatsucho to Kawaguchiko in the morning

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Hamamatsucho to Kawaguchiko in the morning 2013/2/14 17:23
Hi all,

How do i get to Kawaguchiko from Hamamatsucho before 9am? if im using Kanto Area Pass.
I used Hyperdia and it says

Hamamatsucho KANDA,Shinjuku,Otsuki(fujikyu rail),Kawaguchiko

or are there any faster way?

Thanks for you time guys

by Littleponpon (guest)  

Re: Hamamatsucho to Kawaguchiko in the morning 2013/2/14 17:48
That is the fastest train route although I would use the Yamanote line direct between Hamamatsucho and Shinjuku. Its probably a little faster to train to Shinjuku or Tokyo and then take the direct bus, but the buses aren't covered by the Kanto Pass.


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