Fruit Picking

Fruit picking is a popular activity in Japan, both among the locals and tourists alike. Many farms across the country offer fruit picking opportunities to visitors. The typical procedure is for the visitor to get charged for a certain time period during which he/she can pick and enjoy the fruits on the spot.

Farms usually charge between 800 and 3000 yen, depending on the fruit being picked. The time allowed typically ranges from 30 to 60 minutes. Sometimes, farms charge based on the weight of the fruits retrieved, instead. The time of the year in which a particular fruit is available depends on the location and the weather. An estimate of the seasons of several popular fruits is as follows:

There are various ways to participate in fruit picking. One convenient option is to join a day tour organized by a tour operator such as Club Tourism or Japanican. For those who prefer to make the trip by themselves, some farms welcome walk-in tourists, while others require advance reservations.

Below are some links to tour operators and farms which offer fruit picking:

Tour Operators with fruit picking tours
Club Tourism
Atlas Japan Tour
Sapporo English Guides

Farms with English websites
Ohashi Cherry Farm (Hokkaido)
Ikaho Green Bukujo (Gunma)
Nakagomi Orchard (Yamanashi)
Sawada Farm (Aichi)
Mother Farm (Chiba)

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Page last updated: February 18, 2012