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The Furano Cheese Factory (富良野チーズ工房, Furano Cheese Kōbō) lets visitors observe the production process of the local camembert type cheese from behind windows. Cheese samples, including those of a black cheese colored by squid ink, can be tasted in the factory shop.

Besides the cheese factory, there is also an ice cream parlor ("ice cream factory") and a pizzeria ("pizza factory"), as well as hands-on workshops for making butter, ice cream, bread and cheese. Workshops start at fixed times during the day. Advance reservations are not required except for the bread workshop.

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Get There and Around

The cheese factory can be reached in a five minute taxi or car ride from Furano Station.

During summer (July 2 to August 21, 2016) the cheese factory is served by the A-route of the Furano Kururu Bus, a loop line for tourists which connects Furano Station with some of the town's sights twice per day. The fare is 1200 yen for a day pass or 1500 yen for two calendar days of unlimited use.

How to get to and around Furano

Hours and Fees


9:00 to 17:00 (until 16:00 from November through March)


December 31 to January 3


Free (except hands-on experiences)

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