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Marukin Soya Sauce Museum
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Shodoshima has a 400 year history of soya sauce production. Today there are about a dozen soya sauce factories concentrated around the Shodoshima town center between Kusakabe Port and Sakate Port, which continue to produce the salty black condiment.

Marukin, one of the leading soya sauce companies on the island, maintains a soya sauce museum on its factory grounds. The museum resembles a traditional soya sauce factory, and explains the production process along with all the vats and tools required. The museum has English displays and a gift shop that sells many different varieties of soya sauce.

Around the factories

Another related product of Shodoshima is tsukudani, small pieces of seafood, meat or other foods, that have been preserved by cooking in a sweet soya sauce and are often enjoyed with a bowl of rice. There are two tsukudani shops near the soya sauce museum.

One of them, Kyohotei Tsukudani, offers free guided tours of their factory next door. The tours take about 20 minutes, are held in Japanese and requires prior reservations. The other shop, Ittokuan Tsukudani, does not offer factory tours, but they have a nice, well stocked store where you can sample a wide range of different types of tsukudani. The shop also sells moromi soft cream, flavored after the soya bean mash produced during soya sauce fermentation.

Ittokuan Tsukudani

Get There and Around

By bus

The closest bus stop to the soya sauce museum and tsukudani shops is Marukin-mae (ۋO). There are 1-2 buses per hour from Tonosho Port to Marukin-mae bus stop. They are bound for Sakate () or Eigamura (f摺) and stop at Kusakabe Port along the way. The one way trip from Tonosho Port takes 40 minutes and costs 770 yen. From Kusakabe Port it takes ten minutes and costs 200 yen.

Bus network of Shodoshima:

By car or taxi

Alternatively the museum and shops are accessible by rental car or taxi in about 40 minutes from Tonosho Port (about 6000 yen by taxi), in about 30 minutes from Fukuda Port (about 5200 yen by taxi) or in about five minutes from Kusakabe Port (about 1000 yen by taxi).

How to get to and around Shodoshima

Hours and Fees

Marukin Soya Sauce Museum


9:00 to 16:00 (until 16:30 during summer holidays and the autumn color season)


October 15 and from December 28 to January 1
On weekdays in January and February, the museum can be viewed only by prior appointment.


210 yen



Kyohotei Tsukudani


8:30 to 17:00
Tours by appointment only. Reservations can be made by phone or online


Weekends, national holidays and December 27 to 30



Ittokuan Tsukudani


9:00 to 17:00


New Year holidays


Last updated: January 31, 2013
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