April 2015

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Seasonal Events
Seishun 18 Kippu (March 1 - April 10)
Cherry Blossoms (late March - April)
Golden Week (April 29 - May 6)

Takayama: Takayama Spring Matsuri (April 14 - 15)

1 (Wed)
Osaka Report (by raina)
Kumagaya Report (by schauwecker)
2 (Thu)
Tokyo Report (by scott)
Nara Report (by raina)
3 (Fri)
Kyoto Report (by raina)
Nagoya Report (by scott)
4 (Sat)
Hiroshima Report (by scott)
5 (Sun)
Okayama Report (by scott)
6 (Mon)
Tokyo Report (by raina)
Kyoto Report (by scott)
7 (Tue)
Yoshino Report (by scott)
8 (Wed)
Fukushima Report (by raina)
Matsumoto Report (by joe)
9 (Thu)
Tokyo Report (by raina)
Kyoto Report (by scott)
10 (Fri)
Himeji Report (by scott)
Takada Report (by schauwecker)
11 (Sat)
12 (Sun)
13 (Mon)
Takizakura Report (by joe)
14 (Tue)
Yoshino Report (by joe)
15 (Wed)
Kyoto Report (by joe)
16 (Thu)
Sendai Report (by raina)
Fujigoko Report (by scott)
17 (Fri)
18 (Sat)
19 (Sun)
20 (Mon)
21 (Tue)
Kitakami Report (by raina)
22 (Wed)
Scheduled Kakunodate Report (by raina)
23 (Thu)
Scheduled Hirosaki Report (by raina)
24 (Fri)
25 (Sat)
26 (Sun)
27 (Mon)
28 (Tue)
29 (Wed)
Showa Day (national holiday)
Scheduled Hakodate Report (by raina)
30 (Thu)
Scheduled Sapporo Report (by raina)

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