Autumn Color Report 2015

The latest autumn color conditions from Japan's best spots throughout the season

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Dec 9
December 9
Tokyo: Peak Colors
After 45 reports spanning three months, it has come time for our final autumn color (koyo) report trip of the season. This year has been an unusual one that started off strong in the northern regions of...
Dec 4
December 4
Kyoto: Beyond Peak
After an unusually warm and rainy mid-season, this year's autumn color season cast some doubt about how it would finish in its last few weeks. While the colors in Tokyo seemed to be pushed back a little later than usual...
Dec 3
December 3
Tokyo: Peak Colors
As this year's autumn color season is coming into its final stretch, around two of the country's biggest cities, many spots are just reaching their best color this week...
Dec 1
December 1
Kamakura: Approaching Peak
After some great cool autumn weather the weekend past, I headed to Kamakura and Yokohama in Kanagawa Prefecture to check out how the autumn colors were...
Nov 27
November 27
Tokyo: Approaching Peak
Today, I headed to Tokyo to check out the state of the autumn colors, while Schauwecker and Scott are in the Kansai...
Nov 27
November 27
Kyoto: Peak Colors
Today I spent the day revisiting many of the popular autumn color spots in Kyoto, many of which were most recently covered by Raina on her visit last week. Back then the...
Nov 27
November 27
Nara: Peak Colors
After a promising start to the autumn color season in Hokkaido two and a half months ago, an unfavorable combination of above-average temperatures and below-average sunshine has led to a rather disappointing later...
Nov 26
November 26
Osaka: Approaching Peak
Today I headed east to continue reporting on the autumn colors (koyo) from the Kansai Region. After an early morning train ride, I arrived in Osaka, stowed my bags, and hopped a Hankyu train for...
Nov 25
November 25
Miyajima: Beyond Peak
Today I headed over to Miyajima in Hiroshima Prefecture to check out the autumn colors (koyo) on the island. When Raina visited Miyajima...
Nov 24
November 24
Kyoto: Peak Colors
Today I headed out west to pick up the autumn color (koyo) coverage in Kyoto. The peak colors around much of western Japan appear to be slightly delayed this year, probably due to the abnormally warm,...
Nov 20
November 20
Kyoto: Approaching Peak
Today I round up the week with another visit to Kyoto. It has been three days since my last visit to the old capital, and this time, I focused on the eastern side of Kyoto covering the area between...
Nov 19
November 19
Tokyo: Approaching Peak
Continuing our coverage of this year's autumn color season, we're following the late-season colors as they are beginning to approach their peak color in southern Japan...
Nov 19
November 19
Kankakei: Approaching Peak
Continuing my tour of valleys and gorges, I visited Kankakei Gorge located at the center of Shodoshima Island, the second largest island in the Seto Inland Sea. Kankakei holds the...
Nov 18
November 18
Mount Mitake: Beyond Peak
While mentioning the name Tokyo usually evokes images of a crowded, sprawling, concrete and glass jungle, there is literally another side to Tokyo that seems to be a world apart...
Nov 18
November 18
Korankei: Approaching Peak
Today, we mix things up a little and head out of the Kansai Region, to Aichi Prefecture in the Chubu Region. My destination today was Korankei, a...
Nov 17
November 17
Fujigoko: Peak Colors
Today as the autumn colors (koyo) approach the peak around western Japan, I spent the day closer to Tokyo and headed back down to the base of Mount Fuji to...
Nov 17
November 17
Kyoto: Approaching Peak
Staying in the Kansai Region, I visited Kyoto again today. It was forecast to rain from the afternoon and while the skies looked somewhat promising in the morning, it...
Nov 16
November 16
Mount Takao: Approaching Peak
The autumn color season has finally begun in Tokyo this year, and our team is here to cover the progress at each of the city's best leaf-watching spots...
Nov 13
November 13
Kyoto: Approaching Peak
With Joe and Scott covering the Kanto Region, I remain in the Kansai Region and revisited Kyoto again. This time, I went to different temples compared to my last trip three...
Nov 12
November 12
Tokyo: Starting to Change
With temperatures dropping across the country, this year's autumn color front has just started creeping into Japan's large cities. While the season is coming into full force in western Japan this week, in and around Tokyo...
Nov 11
November 11
Hakone: Approaching Peak
While Raina continues to see great colors across western Japan, today I headed out on an autumn color report from the famous national park area around Hakone, a popular side trip...
Nov 11
November 11
Fukuroda Falls: Peak Colors
While western and southern Japan is where the autumn color action is really starting to heat up at this point in this year's season, there is still some great mid-season color on display...
Nov 10
November 10
Kyoto: Approaching Peak
Today, I find myself in the old capital of Kyoto, a favorite sightseeing spot amongst locals and tourists alike. When Joe visited the city ten days ago, the trees were still mostly green. I...
Nov 9
November 9
Koyasan: Peak Colors
After Miyajima yesterday, I headed for another important religious site, this time in Wakayama Prefecture. My destination was Mount Koya, center of...
Nov 8
November 8
Miyajima: Approaching Peak
Today, I made my way to Miyajima in Hiroshima Prefecture from Dazaifu where I was yesterday. The autumn colors have...
Nov 7
November 7
Dazaifu: Starting to Change
Dazaifu in Fukuoka Prefecture is located over a thousand kilometers from the Fuji Five Lakes (Fujigoko) region where Scott was...
Nov 6
November 6
Fujigoko: Starting to Change
Today I drove down to Fuji Five Lakes (Fujigoko) region at the base of Mount Fuji to check on the autumn colors (koyo) around the mountain. The Fuji Five...
Nov 4
November 4
Tokyo: Still Green
The autumn colors around the northern parts of the country seem to be coming to a close a bit faster than in a typical year, leaving us with a bit of a gap before we would normally start covering...
Oct 30
October 30
Kyoto: Still Green
With much of the autumn colors in northern and central Japan's high mountain areas coming to an end quickly this week, leaf watchers around the country are gearing up for the second half of the season...
Oct 28
October 28
Nikko: Beyond Peak
Today Schauwecker and I drove out Nikko to follow up on the progress of the area's autumn colors (koyo). It seems to have been a relatively fast koyo season this year, and despite Nikko's typically...
Oct 26
October 26
Bandai: End of Season
Continuing our mid-season mountain coverage of this year's autumn color reporting, I made my way today to one of northern Japan's most famous mountains: Mount Bandai...
Oct 22
October 22
Northern Alps: Beyond Peak
Sometimes a little trip off of the beaten path can be the most rewarding. Continuing my autumn color reporting in Japan's Northern Alps this week, today I found myself exploring...
Oct 21
October 21
Northern Alps: Beyond Peak
Perhaps the most impressive places to enjoy autumn colors in Japan are its mountain highlands, and today I made my way to one of the country's most well-loved alpine parks: Kamikochi...
Oct 20
October 20
Mount Fuji: Starting to Change
After catching the wild colors around some of northern Japan's highlands last week, this week I'm taking our high-elevation autumn color reporting south to central Japan to the areas around the highest mountains in the country...
Oct 15
October 15
Hachimantai: Beyond Peak
For our third autumn color report from Japan's northern Tohoku region, I drove south today from the near-peaking Lake Towada in Aomori Prefecture to neighboring Akita Prefecture...
Oct 15
October 15
Nikko: Peak Colors
Today, I went to Nikko for a follow up Nikko autumn color report. I visited Okunikko and Nikko to see how the colors had developed since the last time Joe went nine days ago. The autumn colors are...
Oct 14
October 14
Alpine Route: Peak Colors
Today I embarked upon a follow up report from the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route to check out the autumn colors along the popular highland traverse. It has been nearly three weeks since Raina came through here on...
Oct 14
October 14
Towada: Approaching Peak
After a cold and unexpectedly snowy night on Mount Hakkoda, I continued my autumn color reporting from Japan's northern Tohoku region today making my way deeper...
Oct 13
October 13
Hakkoda: Peak Colors
In Japan, the north is often synonymous with the great outdoors, and for travelers hoping to experience autumn colors in a natural, expansive setting, Tohoku, the northernmost region...
Oct 8
October 8
Nasu: Peak Colors
Continuing our coverage of the autumn color season, I made my way to the beautiful Mount Nasu in northern Tochigi Prefecture. Mount Nasu, located just a little over an hour north of Tokyo...
Oct 6
October 6
Nikko: Approaching Peak
Japan's autumn color season is undoubtedly in full swing this week, as the color front has been bursting to life across Japan...
Oct 5
October 5
Route 292: Approaching Peak
Today I went for a drive along national route 292, the stretch between Yamanouchi and Kusatsu. The route reaches one of the highest elevations of the national routes at 2172 meters and because of its relatively...
Sep 28
September 28
Oze: Approaching Peak
Continuing with our autumn color reports, I headed to Oze National Park to check out the grass in the marshland, kusamomiji. Only 150 kilometers north from Tokyo, it is possible to visit Oze in a daytrip but it...
Sep 24
September 24
Alpine Route: Peak Colors
A day after the long weekend, colloquially referred to as Silver Week, I headed off to Murodo, the highest point along the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route to check out the autumn colors. Murodo sits at around 2450...
Sep 17
September 17
Daisetsuzan: Peak Colors
The weather could not have been better to do the Daisetsuzan Traverse from Asahidake Onsen to Sounkyo Onsen today. Hikers traversing the Daisetsuzan Mountains typically climb the summit of Mount Asahidake along...
Sep 16
September 16
Daisetsuzan: Peak Colors
For the 8th year in a row, we start reporting Japan's autumn color season from Daisetsuzan National Park in the center of Hokkaido. The highest point on the island, the Daisetsuzan Mountains are the first place in...
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