Vancouver is a cherry blossom city. There are thousands of Japanese cherry trees of various species throughout the city. They are joined by several plum tree species and other beautifully blooming trees.

January 13/21, 2002
On our first two Hanami Tours of the year in mid January, the Autumn Flowering Cherry were in full bloom, and surprisingly, some Whitcomb Cherry trees had already opened their first blossoms. more
Autumn Flowering Cherries at the Lost Lagoon Autumn Flowering Cherry blossoms Very early opening Whitcomb Cherry blossoms

January 27, 2002
Winter returns to Vancouver. The temperatures remain below average for most of February and March with winter and snow returning again in mid March. The unusally cold February and March after a relatively mild January is probably responsible for many damaged Whitcomb Cherry blossoms.
Kitsilano Beach by winter Whitcomb Cherry blossoms covered with snow Kitsilano Beach by winter

March 28/30, 2002
In several locations downtown, the blossoms of the Somei Yoshino trees are starting to open, but in most cases the percentage of open blossoms still stays below or around one percent. The beautiful Accolade Cherry trees, on the other hand, are already approaching full bloom. more
Opening Yoshino blossoms downtown Blooming Whitcomb Cherry trees in the Oakridge area Accolade Cherry blossoms at English Bay

April 1/2, 2002
While the numerous Somei Yoshino trees are slowly starting to open their blossoms, the flowering season of Vancouver's even more numerous plum trees is currently peaking. more
Large Shidare-zakura at 13th Avenue and Fir Street Plum Street in full bloom Plum Street in bloom

April 3, 2002
It was a beautiful day for cherry blossom viewing. However, still only a small number of cherry trees are blooming already. Reaching full bloom these days are the beautiful Accolade trees and some Shidare-zakura (Weeping Cherries). more
Large Shidare-zakura at 13th Avenue and Fir Street Accolade Cherry Trees at Chilco and Comox Street Accolade Cherry Blossoms

April 5, 2002
It was a cloudy day. The Yoshino trees throughout the city have made big progress over the last few days, and many of them are going to reach full bloom within the next seven days. The largest tree at the entrance of Nitobe Garden is already in full bloom. Also many Shirotae trees have started to open their blossoms. more
Nitobe Garden Yoshino tree in front of Mathematics Building Accolade Cherry trees in front of Vancouver City Hall

April 7, 2002
The weather was perfect for cherry blossom viewing today. In several parts of the city, the Yoshino trees are about to reach full bloom. Accolade and Shidare trees are approaching the end of their flowering peak, while the Shirotae trees have started to open their large white blossoms. more
Lower Mall at UBC approaching full bloom Shirotae blossoms about to open Accolade Cherry tree in front of Grouse Mountain

April 8, 2002
Many Yoshino Cherry trees are currently approaching full bloom. But a good weather period is about to end. The weather was partially cloudy today, and the forcasts are unfortunatelly bad for the peak of the Yoshino Cherry flowering season which is going to take place during the next seven to ten days. more
Kitsilano Beach at Cornwall Avenue and Yew Street Close-up of opening Yoshino Cherry blossoms Yoshino Cherry trees in the small park west of Graville Island

April 13, 2002
The peak of the Yoshino Cherry flowering season is currently taking place in many parts of the city. Beside the Yoshino Cherry trees, the quite numerous Shirotae and relatively rare Taihaku and Takasago trees are now flowering and approaching full bloom. Unfortunatelly, the weather has been bad for several consecutive days and the forcasts do not promise an improvement soon. more
Yoshino Cherry trees at Lost Lagoon The large Cherry Tree in Queen Elizabeth Park in full bloom Yoshino Cherry trees in Stanley Park Rose Garden

April 14, 2002
It was another rainy and cloudy day with a few sunny breaks in the West of Vancouver during the morning. more
Yoshino Cherry trees in front of the Chan Centre at UBC Close up of Somei Yoshino blossoms at UBC Lower Mall UBC Lower Mall in full bloom

April 17, 2002
In the second half of the day, the sun returned to Vancouver after an approximate 10-day absence from the city. The Yoshino trees in many areas are already beyond their flowering peak, while in a few other areas they are still in full bloom or even still approaching it. At the same time, most Shirotae, Takasago and Taihaku trees have reached full bloom. more
Kitsilano Beach Vancouver Museum Kanzan blossoms

April 18, 2002
Today has been the first thoroughly beautiful day since April 8. Unfortunatelly, the flowering peak of many Yoshino trees just fell into the intermediate bad weather period. However, in several places, such as Queen Elizabeth Park and Stanley Park, the Yoshino trees can still be enjoyed in full bloom. more
Lost Lagoon Japanese Canadian WW1 War Memorial at Stanley Park Yoshino trees at Georgia Street

April 19, 2002
Today's hanami tour was an excursion onto Burnaby Mountain where one of the nicest hanami spots of the Greater Vancouver area is located. more
Burnaby Mountain Park Queen Elizabeth Park Manitoba Street at 41st Avenue

April 21, 2002
The Vancouver Sun Run, a popular 10 km run with over 40,000 participants was held today. Unlike in the previous years, when Kanzan trees in full bloom used to decorated Georgia Street, the Kanzan trees have been only just about to start opening their blossoms this year. more
Shirotae trees at Georgia Street Takasago trees at Beach Avenue Kanzan blossoms

April 25, 2002
The Kanzan flowering season is already approaching its peak. more
Kanzan trees along Granville Street Kanzan blossoms Amanogawa blossoms

April 27, 2002
The Yaezakura Flowering Season is now in progress. Beside the numerous Kanzan trees, also less numerous Ukon, Shogetsu and Shirofugen trees have started to flower. more
Kanzan trees on Granville Island Opening Shogetsu blossoms Shirofugen trees at English Bay

April 28, 2002
Today we visited Van Dusen Botanical Garden. A large number of Shidare-zakura which unfortunatelly have already finished their flowering season and a few trees of very rare species can be found in the botanical garden. more
Van Dusen Botanical Garden Choshu Hizakura Kanzan street in the Oakridge area

April 30, 2002
The Kanzan season has reached its peak, and in some areas the petal blizzard has already started. The Ukon trees are now also in full bloom, while the Shogetsu and Shirofugen will reach full bloom within the next week. more
Yew Street with Kanzan trees in full bloom Flowering Kanzan and Shogetsu tree at False Creek Kanzan trees in the median of Cambie Street

May 5-15, 2002
The Kanzan flowering season came to an end in the first two weeks of May with petal blizzards in many streets of Vancouver. The Shogetsu and Shirofugen blossoms peaked in the first half of May, and are now declining. more
Yew street covered with fallen Kanzan petals Shirofugen blossoms Shogetsu blossoms

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