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How to travel between Hakone and Kyoto

By shinkansen

Take the JR Tokaido Shinkansen from Kyoto to Mishima (served by Kodama trains and one direct Hikari train every 2 hours), Atami (served by kodama trains and one direct Hikari train every 2-3 hours) or Odawara Station (served by Kodama trains and one direct Hikari train every 2-5 hours).

The one way trip takes about two hours and costs about 11,000 yen. The Japan Rail Pass is valid on Kodama and Hikari trains, but not on Nozomi trains.

From Mishima Station you can access the Lake Ashi area by Numazu Tozan Tokai Bus. The one way journey from Mishima to Moto-Hakone takes 50 minutes and costs 1030 yen. There is one bus per hour. The Hakone Free Pass can be purchased at Mishima Station and used on the buses to Moto-Hakone.

From Atami Station you can access the Lake Ashi area by Izuhakone Bus. The one way journey from Atami to Moto-Hakone takes about one hour and costs 1180 yen. There are 1-2 buses per hour. The Hakone Free Pass is not valid on Izuhakone buses.

From Odawara Station you can access the Hakone area by Hakone Tozan Railway and various bus lines. The Hakone Free Pass can be purchased and used from Odawara. Odawara is the most convenient entry point for accessing Hakone-Yumoto and destinations along the Hakone Tozan Railway Line.

Via Tokyo

Despite being a detour, travel via Tokyo can be cheaper if using an overnight bus between Tokyo and Kyoto:
- how to travel between Hakone and Tokyo
- how to travel between Tokyo and Kyoto

Above fees and schedules are subject to change. For the current yen exchange rate, click here.


The municipality of Hakone covers a mountainous region with several small towns, among which Moto-Hakone and Hakone-machi at the shores of Lake Ashi and the hot spring town of Hakone-Yumoto down in the valley, are the region's main transportation hubs.

An efficient network of buses, trains, cablecars, ropeways and sightseeing boats makes Hakone a great place to be explored by public transportation. The best pass to do so is Odakyu's Hakone Free Pass, which gives you unlimited use of all Odakyu affiliated trains, buses, boats, cablecars and ropeways.

An attractive way of exploring Hakone is by circling the region by five different means of transportation: Click here for more details about the Hakone Round Course.

Hotels around Hakone

Tours and Experiences

Page last updated: August 19, 2016