Kintetsu Rail Pass

The Kintetsu Rail Pass is a rail pass for exclusive use by foreign tourists. It provides five consecutive days of unlimited use of local, rapid and express trains and up to three rides on limited express trains on the network of Kintetsu Railways, Japan's largest non-JR railway network. The "Wide" version of the pass additionally includes airport access.

In March 2015, an additional 1-day and 2-day version of the pass was introduced that is valid only between Osaka, Nara and Kyoto, and is mainly of interest to tourists visiting Nara in a day trip from Osaka or Kyoto. See the Nara transportation page for more details about the 1-day and 2-day passes.

Kintetsu Rail Pass
Kintetsu Rail Pass
3,800 yen
Kintetsu Rail Pass Wide
5,860 yen
Reduced rates apply to children aged 6-11 (50% off) for the Kintetsu Rail Pass.

Below is a map of major railway lines to be used with the Kintetsu Rail Pass:


Regular and wide pass

  1. Unlimited use of local (futsu), rapid (kaisoku) and express (kyuko) trains on the Kintetsu network (except deluxe cars, salon cars and ropeways), including Iga Railways between Iga-Kanbe and Iga-Ueno on five consecutive days.
  2. Up to three rides on limited express trains (tokkyu) on the Kintetsu network. You have to pay the limited express fee for additional rides on limited express trains, i.e. if you ride limited express trains more than three times.
  3. Only foreigners, who stay in Japan on a temporary visitor visa (and Japanese nationals with permanent residence outside of Japan), are eligible to use it.

Additional features of the wide pass

  1. Unlimited use of Mie Kotsu and Toba City buses on the Shima Peninsula.
  2. One round trip between the airport and the city center, i.e. between Osaka's Kansai Airport and Namba Station (by Nankai Railways) and/or between Nagoya's Central Japan Airport and Nagoya Station (by Meitetsu Railways). These trips can be made outside the 5-day period.
  3. Discounts for some designated tourist attractions.

Points of Sale

Outside of Japan, the Kintetsu Rail Pass can be purchased through Kintetsu International or affiliated travel agencies. When purchasing the pass, you will receive an exchange order, which has to be exchanged into an actual rail pass after your arrival in Japan.

Inside Japan, the Kintetsu Rail Pass can be purchased at Osaka's Kansai Airport (Kansai Airport Agency Travel Desk), Nagoya's Central Japan Airport (Meitetsu Travel Plaza) and the Bic Camera electronics stores in Namba, Kyoto Station and Nagoya Station.


The Kintetsu Rail Pass is one of the best valued passes available for Japanese railway travel. For example, the 3800 yen for a 5-day pass are already paid off by a single journey from Osaka to Nagoya on a Kintetsu limited express train, which costs about 4000 yen by regular tickets.

Read our page about passes for the Kansai Region for more information.

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