Icoca & Haruka

Icoca & Haruka is a discount ticket package for foreign visitors arriving at Osaka's Kansai Airport. It provides transportation from the airport into the city by the Haruka limited express train and an Icoca prepaid card for use on urban transportation at a highly discounted price.

Icoca & Haruka
One-way version
3,030 yen
Roundtrip version
4,060 yen

The Icoca & Haruka packages consists of a) a ticket that can be used to travel from Kansai Airport to Osaka, Kyoto or Kobe and b) an Icoca prepaid card valued 2000 yen that can be used on urban transportation in the Greater Osaka region. The roundtrip version of the package additionally includes a ticket that can be used to travel back to Kansai Airport.


a) Ticket for airport transportation

  1. The ticket can be used on non-reserved seats on the JR Haruka limited express train from Kansai Airport to Osaka or Kyoto. After getting off the Haruka, ticket holders can use the ticket to transfer to other JR trains (except limited express and shinkansen trains) to reach any JR station in the area shown on the map below:
  2. The ticket can only be used from Kansai Airport in the direction of Osaka and Kyoto and is valid only on the day of purchase. The roundtrip version of the package additionally contains a ticket for travel back to Kansai Airport, which has to be used within two weeks of purchase.
  3. The ticket can also be used on JR airport rapid trains instead of the Haruka limited express trains between Kansai Airport and central Osaka.

b) Icoca Prepaid Card

  1. The Icoca prepaid card initially has a value of 2000 yen, which is made up of a refundable deposit of 500 yen and an initial balance of 1500 yen that can be used on most JR and non-JR urban transportation in Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe (and JR trains in some other areas of Japan). The card can be recharged at ticket machines.
  2. The card's 500 yen deposit (and an eventual remaining balance minus a 220 yen handling fee) can be refunded at any JR ticket counter in the Greater Osaka region (including Kansai Airport). Alternatively, the balance remains valid for ten years without the card being used.


The Icoca & Haruka package can only be purchased and used by foreign short-term visitors to Japan. A passport and return air ticket have to be presented at the time of purchase. The Icoca & Haruka package cannot be used by residents of Japan.

Point of Sale

The Icoca & Haruka package can only be purchased at the JR ticket office of Kansai Airport Station. There is a limit of one purchase per person and stay.


The Icoca & Haruka package is a very good deal for foreign travelers arriving at Kansai Airport and staying a few days in Osaka, Kyoto or Kobe, during which the Icoca card will come in handy. Compared to regular tickets for the Haruka train, it saves about 2000 yen for those initially traveling to Kyoto or Kobe or about 1000 yen for those traveling to Osaka. The round trip ticket doubles those savings.

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