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The Eat! Meet! Japan project is aimed at providing visitors unique Japanese experiences by using the local food culture as its main theme.

Since 2019, hundreds of applicants from all over Japan have submitted their activities, which are often hands on activities showcasing the local culinary delights. Every year, over ten winners are selected, and these winning activities are sure to delight visitors who want to gain a deeper understanding of the local food culture.

In 2020, the grand prize winner of the Eat! Meet! Japan project was the Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki cooking class offered at the Okosta Studio in Hiroshima. Read a personal account of the cooking experience can be read here. In addition to the grand prize winner, 14 other activities were selected as winners out of the 225 applications.

These award winning experiences, which range from a few hours to multi-day trips, can be found all across Japan, from Tokyo to Okinawa, each activity offering visitors a memorable and curated adventure.

The award winning activities in 2020 include sculpting traditional Japanese candy, ramen tasting, sake brewing, cooking and living in a farm, tea appreciation, fishing with fishermen in rivers and seas, dining with traditional female divers, eating Japanese beef in a snow hut, learning and drinking Okinawan awamori alcohol, countryside style sushi making, and home cooking. Below is the list of the 14 other winners of the 2020 Eat! Meet! Japan project.