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What to do in Tokyo during the Olympics!

A list of the top 10 things to do for sporting fans in Japan

Are you headed to Tokyo for the 2020 Olympic Games? Want to do some sightseeing while you're over there but a little short on time between the games? We've identified the top things to do for first timers to the city and where to book them.

1. See the city lights from above

Head up to the Tokyo Skytree for some of the best views of the city - guaranteed to give you great photos no matter what time of day. But for optimal viewing pleasure, visit at sunset for a glorious backdrop to the concrete skyline or otherwise at nighttime to see the city light up the dark skies.

One of the best kept secrets near the Tokyo Skytree is the ALL YOU CAN DRINK BEER at the Tokyo Skytree town. Nothing beats sitting down with an ice cold beer after a day of watching the games while taking in the city lights from 30 floors up.

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2. Be real life versions of Mario and Luigi

Many of us grew up playing Nintendo. Well now on the streets of Tokyo, you can live out your inner child! Dress up as your favorite animated character (or in olympic team spirit!) and go karting in Akihabara with your squad. Take in the sights as you cruise on the streets of Tokyo in your go-kart, just don't forget to watch out for those cheeky Koopa Troopas.

Don't worry if you haven't driven a go kart before, as long as you have a valid driver's license, the staff will go through the rules of the road and how to operate the go karts before you set off.

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3. Drink ALL the sake

Sake, that smooth Japanese rice wine that all of us know and love. What better way to enjoy it then going on an all-you-can-drink sake tour to sample over 100 different types of sake in Kurand Sake Market. Befriend a local and challenge them to a round of drinks. Or drown your sorrows when you don't get a place on the medal table. Just be sure to yell "Kanpai" before taking a shot!

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4. Get up nice and close with Robots

A trip to Japan wouldn't be complete without a Robot interaction. The sheer magnitude of flashing neon lights, mirrors, warrior girls, giant cobras and even dancing horses at the Robot Restaurant is so overwhelming and glorious, your eyes can't look away. Prepare yourself for non-stop laughter and excitement as you catch a glimpse of the bizarre Robo-Pop culture Japan has to offer.

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5. Doll up in a Kimono

Stroll down the historic streets of Asakusa and get snapped up in a beautiful kimono. Asakusa kimono rental stores feature the Yukata (summer kimonos) which are available for the hotter months, as well as the Hakama - a traditional outfit worn by graduating students.

Make your selection before being whisked into the styling area where you will be carefully dressed in your kimono, complete with robe, obi, bag, socks, shoes, and shawl, and your hair styled with decorative ornaments. Then roam around the streets of Asakusa, the perfect backdrop for your photos!

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6. Chill out at an Onsen

If you're looking for an authentic Onsen experience, head to one of Tokyo's premier natural onsen theme parks - Oedo Onsen - where you'll be spoilt for choice with up to 13 varieties of baths. Try the incredible bath of silk, guaranteed to soothe those tired, spectator muscles for that extra luxurious experience.

If you're planning to spend the whole day there but don't want to get all wrinkly from staying in the water for too long, you can also stroll about in your yukata robes through the adjoining Hirokoji and Happakuyacho shopping malls.

Book it here. Tickets are open-dated, so you can visit at any time.

7. Eat something deadly

A huge part of Japan's bizarre culture is definitely its food culture. We all know and love the usual Japanese favorites like tempura, ramen and sushi but, that's not all there is to this culinary capital. Did you know that one of the most famous Japanese delicacies is actually Fugu - also known to most of us as the pufferfish!

Get yourself some fugu at Guenpin Fugu, the number one pufferfish chain in Tokyo for one of the most authentic experiences! From freshly sliced pufferfish sashimi to blanching those slices in a hot pot, you'll definitely find your favourite way to consume this poisonous fish.

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8. Catch the sunset at Mount Fuji

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city by enjoying a day trip to Tokyo's tallest peak - Mount Fuji. Catch sights of this stunning Japanese mountain and feel like an Olympian from the ropeway as you ascend up 2300 meters to the Fuji 5th station. Don't forget to snap a photo of the Tori that's immersed in the waters as you sail along Lake Ashi during your cruise ride.

Book it here. This day trip is all inclusive - from the ropeway ticket to the cruise and even hotel pickups.

9. Wake up at 4am for fresh sushi

You can't visit Japan without getting yourself some sushi. And the best place to get some of the freshest fish is the Tsukiji market. Early birds can head there at 5am to catch the tuna auction before the games - a tuna once sold for a record high of $1.2 million USD! Only 120 visitors are available daily so be sure to head there early to reserve a spot.

After the auction excitement, you can hop on a tour to learn more about Japanese culinary culture. A popular dining experience is Omakase, where the chefs decide what food to serve, so there is no menu. From the fattiest tuna belly sushi ready to melt on your tongues to the rich and creamy sea urchin (uni), let your tastebuds be delighted!

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10. Stay connected to your mates to cheer on your team

Just witnessed your country going for gold and need to tell your sleeping friends back home the result ASAP? Well it's quite easy with WiFi and SIM Card options, so you don't have to spend a fortune on roaming.

Book your SIM Card here and portable WiFi here. Easy pick-up at major airports in Japan.