In addition to the regular staff at japan-guide.com, we also have three valuable employees that are crucial to the company. Some might even say they are the core of the website! These three employees are our resident office cats who have been part of the family for the last 5-6 years.

Here's a bit of their backstory. All three were stray kittens, starving and flea-ridden, when Schauwecker found them near the company grounds and nursed them back to health. The first kitten was adopted in 2014, and the other two were found and adopted the following year. Without further ado, let me introduce the three cats of japan-guide.com.


Leo, the ginger cat, was the first kitten to be found on that fateful day in June 2014. It had been raining lots the few days before, and poor baby Leo was so starved for food. According to the vet, his stomach was full of sand when he was brought in, and it took some time before his stomach was free of sand. Leo quickly warmed up to us humans, and it did not take him long to be fast tracked to Vice President of the company.


Akira, the mackerel tabby, was found a little more than a year later in 2015. Like Leo, he was also a lost hungry kitten whom we managed to get to safety. The most affectionate and easily manipulated of the three cats, Akira is also very generous with his purrs. His favourite activities are play times and meal times, and sometimes fighting with his other siblings.


The baby of the three, Lope is also the only female cat at japan-guide.com. She and Akira were found weeks apart, and she was flea-ridden when Schauwecker took her in. I am pleased to report that Lope has been free of fleas since that initial bout when she was still a stray kitten. Lope likes to sit on office chairs and would pick her choice of human to settle in.