Azabudai Hills, a mixed-use commercial and residential complex in central Tokyo, opened on November 24, 2023. The sprawling complex consists of three towers - one office tower and two residential towers - and smaller garden plazas. Known as the Azabudai Hills Mori JP Tower, the office tower is currently Japan's tallest building at 330 meters, until 2027 when the 390 meter Torch Tower near Tokyo Station is expected to be completed. Unfortunately, none of the higher floors are open to tourists, so gazing up the tower is the only way to appreciate the height of the building.

The highest floors - 53rd to 64th - of the office tower is occupied by Aman Residences, a partnership with the Aman luxury hotel group, followed by office space from the fifth to the 52nd floors. The Keio University medical center is located on the fifth and sixth floors. Open to the general public are the retail shops and restaurants, which take up the basement to the fourth floors. Additionally, several luxury brands have their boutiques in the garden plazas. Azabudai Hills is directly connected to Kamiyacho Station on the Hibiya Subway Line, and is about five minutes on foot from Tokyo Tower.

The urban redevelopment of Azabudai Hills brings about a significant increase of residential and office space, retail shops and restaurants in the otherwise quiet neighborhood of Azabudai, which contains numerous embassies and consulates.

The main concept of Azabudai Hills is to create an urban, modern village that integrates wellness, greenery and culture. The complex incorporates plenty of greenery in the form of an expansive herb and fruit garden in the open space between the buildings and even on the roofs of the plaza buildings. Additionally, public art work by various internationally renowned artists in the complex can be enjoyed by everyone.

While the official opening of Azabudai Hills was on November 24, 2023, the full opening of all the businesses in the complex will happen gradually over the months to come. Of interest to most visitors are the digital art museum teamLab Borderless, the wide and varied retail shops and dining options as well as Aman's new sister hotel, Janu Tokyo.

teamLab Borderless, which used to be located in Odaiba, Tokyo, closed on August 31, 2022. From early February 2024, teamLab Borderless will be reborn at Azabudai Hills, bringing with it new artwork, which would no doubt mesmerize many. The digital art museum is located in the basement floor of Azabudai Hills.

Slated to be the next gourmet destination in central Tokyo, Azabudai Hills is where many domestically and internationally renowned restaurants and cafes call home. The carefully curated list of shops and restaurants located in the office tower and garden plazas provide mix of casual and fine dining options, while ensuring that a high level of quality is maintained throughout all options. Michelin favorites like Florilege, aca, Tominokoji Yamagishi and Tempura Niitome will be reopening their restaurants on site, while offshoots of Sushi Saito and Saawaan will be opening new restaurants to allow a wider range of diners to experience their cuisine.

The underground Azabudai Hills Market - scheduled to open in late January 2024 - additionally offers shoppers quality groceries from trusted brands. Visitors would be able purchase quality Japanese groceries from notable specialty shops brought together from all across Japan.

Finally, opening in February 2024 is the Janu Tokyo, a sister brand of the Aman hotel group with a focus on wellness travel. Janu Tokyo is the brand's first flagship hotel in the world offering approximately 120 rooms, offering an oasis of peace in the bustling city.


Azabudai Hills is directly connected to Kamiyacho Station on the Hibiya Subway Line and a five minute walk from Tokyo Tower.