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Sam's Japan Travel Journal
by Sam, staff writer of

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2016/04/26 - Tonami Tulip Fair 2016

The 65th annual Tonami Tulip Fair is currently taking place until May 5, 2016 in Tonami City, Toyama Prefecture. The fair showcases an impressive collection of three million tulips of different varieties from around the world and has several raised platforms on which visitors can stand to get great views of the large tulip beds. Visitors can also experience the many picturesque areas of the fair which include a walkway surrounded by tulips and a tranquil pond with floating flower beds.

There are numerous food stands selling street food in addition to a restaurant and cafe. There are also play areas for kids and an outside stage on which musical performances are held. The "700 Varieties of Tulips" flowerbed provides information on each of the different types of tulips planted here; please note however that the information is in Japanese.

The fair is open every day from 8:30 to 17:30 (entry until 17:00). Admission is 1000 yen. To get there, take the Hokuriku Shinkansen to Shin-Takaoka Station and then transfer to the JR Johana Line. Alight at Tonami Station from where frequent shuttle buses run to the fair venue free of charge.

Tulips of different colors are beautifully arranged side by side
The view of the main flower beds from Tulip Tower
People gather for photos near a wall of tulips
Bright colors and beautiful displays
Floating flower beds
A field of pink tulips
Inside the Tonami Tulip Gallery, where visitors can view tulips all year round
In the Tulip Gallery, visitors can also learn about the idfferent types of tulips
A view from inside "The Valley of Flowers" tulip-lined walkway
Different types of tulips by a pond
Visitors enjoy being in and amongst the flowers
The stream that runs through the fair with a tulip-covered bridge in the distance
The main entrance
The entrance display
Tulip mascots
Tulip art depicting popular animated characters
Fringed tulips
Pretty in pink

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