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October 3, 2014 - Two days in Takayama

After a long but spectacular trip with the Wide View Hida Ltd. Express we finally arrived to Takayama. Even with a little bit of rainy weather we spent two lovely days here experiencing Hida region's traditions.

We visited Sakurayama Hachimangu shrine on a rainy morning and there weren't many visitors beside us so we could peacefully enjoy the sight.

There is an auxiliary shrine here dedicated to Tenmangu, the god of learning where usually students pray for successful exams. Here people can also devote worn-out pens or writing brushes to be better at writing.

Our pleasant time didn't last long, because it started to rain heavily. Fortunately there are two interesting museums just near the temple where we could find some shelter and enjoy the exhibitions.

After the rain stopped we went to the old town to see the special preserved area with all the historical buildings. It was very interesting to see the inside of some of these old buildings.

We also visited Hida no Sato folk village to see the traditional houses of Hida. It took about 20 minutes of walk to reach the entrance from the JR station. The folk village is built around a nice lake and a lots of various houses can be seen around.

And of course we also tasted the famous Hida beef.

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