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October 28, 2015 - Meoto Iwa and Ise Jingu

We arrived to Ise, Futaminoura train station from Nagoya on a beautiful sunny autumn morning. I think it is worth mentioning that if you are travelling from Nagoya to Ise with a JR pass, there is a short section which is operated by Ise Railway and therefore needs additional fares. This is highlighted on the JR pass but we didn't notice it, but of course we didn't really notice it. Fortunately the conductors are well prepared and have a small multiple language card that explains the situation and you can buy your additional ticket on the train.
After getting off the train we spent some minutes near the station to figure out the right direction based on the tourist map and to buy some soft drinks and water form the vending machines before started our way toward Meoto Iwa.

Our next target was Ise Jingu, Naiku. The most convenient way to get around Ise is to use the local CAN bus. It runs on a loop line and stops at every major sight. If you intend to use the bus several times there is a one-day pass what can be bought in advance or even when getting off at your first travel. The bus stop at Meoto Iwa is just a short walk away in front of Futami Sea Paradise. The bus trip from Meoto Iwa to Naiku took about 25 minutes, and the bus stop at Naiku is just at the entrance of the shrine.

As many might already know, taking photos at the most sacred places of the shrine is strictly prohibited. So we put away our cameras and just walked around this sacred place and tried to experience and understand it with its stunning architecture and ancient forest. I wouldn't say that we succeeded, but for a moment we could feel that we are part of this sacred atmosphere.

It was a very different experience when we left the shrine and looked around on the Oharaimachi with its lot of noise and crowd.

At the end of the day when we didn't expect to see anything special this bus appeared just near Iseshi train station:

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