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December 1, 2012 - Sake tasting event in Yamanashi

I joined sake tasting event, Kura biraki (‘ ŠJ‚«), in February 2012,
at Yamanashi Meijyo (ŽR—œ–Αψ), sake brewery, in Yamanashi prefecture.

Main entrance of Yamanashi Meijyo

February is the season of new sake and the event seems to be hold in every year.

In the case of Kura biraki at Yamanashi Meijyo,
people don't need to book the appointment in advance.
All we need to do is to just visit by car.
Or by train and 15 minutes ride on a taxi from the nearest station.

I like Kura biraki by Yamanashi Meijyo
because not only I can taste more than 20 brands of the companyfs sake,
but also I can feel the history of the company through its historical main house.

A main house:
This place is historically very important place.
Meiji Emperor used this main house to stay on night when he went around Japan
to see people's live.
* Meiji period: from 1868 to 1912
After the emperor departed, the place was treated as a sacred space
and no one couldn't enter after the end of WW?.

Sake Tasting:

Sake tasting space

People can taste most of all brands of Yamanashi Meijyo.
Each sake has a plate explaining about rice, yeast and characteristics of it.

The warehouse:
It is possible to see the brewing process with a guide.

Lunch @ Daimin, the restaurant owned by the brewery

Many sake breweries held Kura biraki events around February, so I recommend joining the event if you love sake and would like to compare sake at one time.

Yamanashi Meijyo ŽR—œ–Αψ

Nearest Station:
JR Nagasaka Station
JR Hinoharu Station
(a 15 minutes taxi ride to Yamanashi Meijyo)

The date of Kura biraki:
a few days in February.
I recommend you to ask the brewery directly if you need the exact date.

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2012/12/01 - Sake tasting event in Yamanashi