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April 8, 2015 - Itsukushima Shrine at low tide and Mt.Misen climbing - Spring 2015

After leaving Iwakuni Station with local train, my next target was
Miyajima Island famous for its floating torii gate.
Ferry pier next to Miyajimaguchi Station provides
one of better ways to acces island and is covered by JR Pass.

Matsudai other company running ferry parallel to JR
Early afternoon Tori gate was still submerged
Senjokaku and the five-storied pagoda

After short ride with ferry, I could start touring island attactions.

One of many deers living on Miyajima, resting in shadow of pine
This deer was trying to slip into restaurant

First to visit was Itsukushima Shrine and adjacent torii gate.

Sea withdraws from Itsukushima Shrine grounds
Itsukushima Shrine and five-storied pagoda in second plan
shopping street and adjacent small canal.

As sea went on with withdrawal at torii gate,
I decided to ride rope-way on Mt.Misen.

Circulating type rope-way start ride up
Panoramic view on Miyajima forest and Seto Inland Sea from funicular gondola
Upper rope-way station

After ridding circulating and funicular types of rope-way visitors could take photos from observatory near upper station, or climb Mt.Misen summit on hiking trail.
It takes about 30 minutes to reach summit.

Trail up to Reikado Hall is well leveled forest path
Clearance in forest provides nice view
Reikado Hall
From Reikado Hall up to summit, trail consists of rock steps
Summit seen up from observatory, nice weather entice many visitors to climp up
Upper rope-way station seen from observatory at summit

Roughly after 2 hours after visiting Mt.Misen, sea had compleded withdrawal and visitors could stand next to torii gate.

Torii gate in deep colour illuminated by the setting sun

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