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December 1, 2017 - Sendai Castle Ruins

Castle is a bit of a misnomer, They have some gates and buildings, but it's mostly the ruins of Sendai Castle. Numerous statues, including a giant eagle that was knocked off it's pedestal and Hasekura Tsunenaga, are great for taking pictures. The ruins site is on a hill, and the views of Sendai are spectacular. You can even see the huge Kannon statue in neighboring Ishinomaki.

Gokokujinja is nearby and worth a visit. They have all the regular shrine scenery, and some rare omamori (protective amulets) featuring a Date Masamune theme.

You can also take a short drive down the hill and see some of the original castle gates and walls, and a statue of Hasekura Tsunenaga. This guy led an interesting life, he lived in Italy for a time. He was sort of the original "Gaijin Samurai."

Sendai Castle ruins
Gaijin Samurai before Date Masamune
View of Sendai and Ishinomaki Cannon from Sendai Castle Ruins
Hasekura Tsunenaga and Gaijin Samurai

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