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December 2, 2017 - Sendai - touring temples on bicycle

Sendai is home to some beautiful temples! Riding on a rental bike and touring them was one of the best parts of this trip. Our guides Keiko and Taco obviously picked the most beautiful -- Shoko gokurakuji, Koshoji, Yakushido. Fall foliage was in full swing, and it really added to the experience.

Yakushido is a functioning Shingon temple, I would love to stay for awhile and see a homa service at Yakushido, and also learn more about the history of each temple.

Renting bikes in Sendai! With best travel buddy ever ;)
Changing leaves at Shoko Gokurakuji
About to enter nirvana at Shoko Gokurakuji
One hall at Koshoji
Komyo Inari Shrine, on the grounds of Koshoji
Five-story Pagoda at Koshoji
Koshoji Main Hall
Main Hall at Yakushido, a Shingon temple

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