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December 3, 2017 - Nikka Whiskey Distillery

I am a whiskey fan, and this place was a blast. Nikka comes from the name of a local river. Masataka Taketsuru chose the spot to build a distillery because of the natural conditions (they're similar to Scotland) and access to top-quality water from that river. Accordingly, the grounds are beautiful, even saw some swans lounging by a pond. The distilling process is of course filled with Japanese craftsman-style quality and attention to details. The set phrases that describe those things are basically the same as every other company selling anything in Japan, it always makes me chuckle.

The best part? The free samples following the tour of course! Tried Taketsuru whiskey, Super Nikka whiskey, and some apple wine that nobody cared about. There was also a paid tasting, next time I'll pony up the ?1000 and see what Nikka really has to offer.

The river that gives Nikka it's name
Gaijin Samurai pointing out the obvious
Viewing the grounds from the inside
Swans enjoying the clean water
Shinto shimenawa decorations on the stills
View of the mock aging warehouse and surrounding mountains
Good stuff!

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