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January 28, 2018 - Sakan Hotel, Akiu Onsen hot springs

Sakan Hotel is a sprawling resort featuring a mix or traditional Japanese and western interiors, amazing food, great views and a realllllly nice hot springs. I wasn't able to take photos of the hot springs because everyone is naked and photos are prohibited. But it was clean and very spacious, including an outdoor rotenburo.

This nebuta float from Aomori just happened to be on display in the lobby when we visited. Fantastic.

The rooms had a Japanese feel but were also modern, including nice fluffy beds!

A feast of kaiseki ryori, a traditional Japanese spread. The presentation is beautiful, but be prepared for a looot of seafood that you may not be familiar with. Fish eggs, cod sperm, seaweed, etc. I'm adventurous and love Japanese food so I had no problem.

The hotel has many vantage point where you can catch the scenery of the surrounding mountains. We visited when the leaves were changing, beautiful!

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