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January 30, 2018 - Otaki Fudoson (Achala Buddhist temple)

We took a little excursion off our planned route to see this Achala temple, Otaki Fudo, and the waterfall behind it. The temple has a rich history, and also a flea market on the grounds selling all kinds of local delicacies - snake sake that cures maladies, boiled grasshoppers, crickets. They have regular vegetables too :)

The main temple housing the Achala. The five-colored banners let you know it's a Buddhist temple.

This guy, Achala, is inside. It's a Buddha that represents determination to follow through on the Path guiding all sentient beings to liberation. He represent Shakyamuni's state of mind as he became determined to overcome all hindrances and attain enlightenment meditating until the Bodhi Tree. You can light a candle and some incense and say a prayer for someone. You can also request special prayers for specific things like health or success in business for larger donation. That huge metal thing is Achala sword of wisdom that cuts away delusions.

This is the view of the waterfall from behind the temple. We didn't have time, but hiking around the basin would be a great experience. On the observation deck, it can suddenly get icy cold and windy, so be prepared.

Can you spot the rainbow above the falls? We were so lucky to see one!

Yep, those are snakes in those bottles of sake. Apparently they put them in live and the snake spits venom into the sake as it drowns. I felt bad for the snakes! People swear drinking this liquor will cure all kinds of ills, not just colds but serious eye problems, etc. It was quite expensive, over 10,000 yen for the bottle this size.

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