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May 22, 2012 - Night strolling around Tokyo Skytree

This is my report concerning Tokyo Skytree watched from the outside in the night on its day of the opening. I strolled around the tower after 10 pm.

In Tokyo Skytree Station, I found a signboard mentioning the grand opening of Tokyo Skytree Town at its bottom, under departure information.

Although it was late at night and drizzling, there were still people near the tower, some just looking up, some trying to take a photo of it.

Regarding illumination, I suppose maybe I was too close to the tower to feel the concepts. The tower can be illuminated with the lights from LED lamps in two versions, which are titled "Iki" and "Miyabi."

The theme color of "Iki" version is blue with a motif provided by the water of Sumida River. I feel that here "iki" is something like stylishness or verve.

Usually the two versions do not appear on the same night. I had heard we could see the both in that night of the opening day, but I missed another version and saw it later.

The theme color of "Miyabi" version is purple. It seems that here "miyabi" refers to something like elegance or refinedness.

I will post a report on my July 11 trip, in which I climbed the tower.

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2012/05/22 - Night strolling around Tokyo Skytree