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October 30, 2013 - Onioshidashi Koen and Mt. Asama Part 2

Kita-Karuizawa (Naganohara, Gunma), and waterfalls in the area, including Asama Ootaki and Shiraito no Taki.

The hotel we stayed at was in the middle of Kita-Karuizawa, so we were able to walk around and enjoy the colors in the morning. After checking out, we went to the Motorcycle Museum back around Onioshidashi Koen. Then we went to the dual falls of Asama Ootaki, and finally onto the Shiraito Highland Way toll road to see Shiraito no Taki going back into Karuizawa, before heading home.

My boyfriend is a huge fan of motorcycles, and considering we rode in on one, there was no way he was missing seeing the Motorcycle Museum. It is only 300 yen to get in, but unless you are really interested in motorcycles, it isn't really worth it. However, he had fun!

Mt. Asama is the spot of the first motorcycle race in Japan, so the museum celebrates that.

From the Museum area, we went to Asama Ootaki, which is actually two waterfalls very close together, Asama Ootaki, and Uodome no Taki. The area around the waterfalls was unfortunately a bit past peak, but still nice!

The parking area for Asama Ootaki and Uodome no Taki is the same, but the trail splits off. We went first to Asama Ootaki, which has an upper and lower falls. There is a wooden trail, but it isn't well maintained and was quite slippery.

The lighting was difficult, as the trees were bathed in sunlight, but the waterfall thrown into shadow. However the area was very pretty, and I really liked this waterfall!

The lighting for Uodome no Taki was the worst... the sunlight was right on half the falls and the upper half was thrown into shade. This picture doesn't do the falls justice, but they were very nice! I suspect summer would be the best season to see them, as the area would be really pretty and green. However fall was nice too!

After that we went to Shiraito no Taki, a famous waterfall that is short but long, and the water gushes out from the rocks. The trees were really pretty in the area, definitely at peak, but again the lighting was difficult. It was also definitely more crowded in the afternoon, but mostly from cars and tour buses. I didn't see many walkers along the trail at all, but it would be a beautiful time to do this walk!

Finally, we continued on the tollway into Karuizawa before heading back to Gunma. The drive along the toll road was one of the most rewarding experiences I've ever had when it comes to fall colors. The surrounding forest was at peak, and at times breathtakingly beautiful. I really want to go back and do the walk along the river. Maybe next year!

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