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April 30, 2014 - Climbing Gunma's Mt. Myogi

Since Japan-Guide published their article on the best hiking in Japan, I thought I'd post my most recent hiking experience at Gunma's Mt. Myogi. Myogi is one of the "Three Mountains of Jomo" (Jomo is the old name of Gunma), along with Mt. Akagi and Mt. Haruna. None of these mountains made the best of list, but all have fun and interesting trails. Myogi really stands out with its craggy peaks and spectacular fall colors in fall, and is well worth a trip for hiking enthusiasts!

The mountain is still pretty bare, and while there are numerous cherries in the area, the "greenery" isn't very nice this time of year. In May when the trees grow their new leaves, or in fall when the fall colors come in, are great times to visit... but honestly, it is a fun hike regardless!

Although there are various places to start, the most popular are from one shrine to the other. Myogi shrine sits on the right-most side of the trial, in Tomioka, while Nakanodate Shrine at the left side lies in Shimonita. There are several levels of trails that can be modified to fit your level, but the most fun ones are those with chains! We took the intermediate trail this time, the upper-middle blue line, which has optional chains for those so inclined. It is recommended that only those who are avid hikers challenge the highest trail shown in green, while walkers may enjoy the nicer yellow trails at the bottom of the mountain.

This trail started with some nice arches, including this one, which likes at a good stopping point and picnic ground. It took about 45 minutes to get to this point, and is a good loop point as well to head back.

The trail took about 5 hours to complete, with a stop for lunch as well as detours to visit some of the smaller peaks along the way. As I said above, the greenery is just coming in, but we did spot a few nice flowers along the way. I think the purple flowers below are tsutusji.

After several hours of hiking, you will reach one of the shrines on the end of the trail (for us, Myogi shrine).

There are several onsen at the area around Myogi shrine, so I recommend ending there. You can soak your aches and pains away, grab a bite to eat at some of the restaurants, then take a taxi back to either your car parked at the parking lot by Nakanodate Shrine, or back to Matsuida station on the Shinetsu line coming in from Takasaki (which is a strait shot from Tokyo either by shinkansen or regular trail). Either way, you are sure to enjoy your Myogi hike no matter how you end up.

Happy Hiking!

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