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April 24, 2016 - Mitsuhiko Imamori Paper Cut Works Exhibit in Takasaki

Every day I work in Takasaki, I pass by the Takasaki Museum of Art and think, "oh I really want to go!" but it wasn't until today that I found the time to check out their new exhibit, Mitsuhiko Imamori's Paper Cut Works. As a fan of the art of paper cutting (kirigami in Japanese) and of nature, it seemed like the perfect exhibit to spend an enjoyable Sunday admiring. I was not disappointed by the artist's skill with scissors or the fantastic and realistic animals and plants displayed!

The Takasaki Museum of Art is a short 5 minute walk from Takasaki Station's West Exit, after turning left out of the station and following the curve of the road. Don't get it confused with the Takasaki Tower Museum of Art, which is on the other side of the station... if you see a huge electronics store called Yamada Denki LABI, you're on the wrong side!

Photos are not allowed within the exhibit, but you can take a picture with an almost life-sized picture of Mr. Imamori himself! The museum features three floors and about six exhibition rooms of his work, and each area follows a somewhat different theme, including a short video of him actually creating one of his works.

The museum includes several workspaces and a small lounge separate from the exhibit, as well as a small green space in the back featuring the Inoue Residence built in old Japanese style.

It is difficult to describe Mr. Imamori's art. He specializes in realistic looking pictures of birds, plants, and insects in both color and black and white. I was especially impressed not only by the overall skill at depicting his subjects in paper, but small details like not glueing all of the elements completely to the paper. This created shadows behind the vines and leaves from the light, making it look even more real and 3D. The time and effort that went into his pieces, especially the large ones, was hard to contemplate. I definitely recommend anyone interested in art, or looking for something different from a museum, to visit!

This hummingbird decal on the window, although only a sticker, might give you an idea of what the real thing looked like, and the attention to detail that went into each tiny part of it!

I couldn't take one of the actual paper pieces home (I don't make that much in a year...), so I grabbed what I could afford... postcards! Here are some of my favorites:

All of that ooh'ing and ahh'ing worked up an appetite, so it was time for my favorite Indian restaurant in Takasaki, Dhanyabad! They feature many different types of both curry and nan, and I stuffed myself full. Luckily, it was a short walk back to the station!

Takasaki Station is a lively place on the weekend... temporary booths selling Gunma souvenirs and samples are set up inside, and you can hear buskers playing music and singing all around the station. I had to catch a train, but took a few minutes to look around at all the activity.

The Takasaki Museum of Art is featuring Imamori's works until June 26th, and entrance is 600 yen. The museum is open from 10:00 to 18:00 (20:00 on Fridays), and closed Mondays, however will be open through the Golden Week Holiday.

I hope you can enjoy this amazing artist and exhibit in Takasaki!

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