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November 30, 2016 - Beautiful Street: Sadamitsu Double Udatsu Streetscape

I visited Sadamitsu in Tokushima Prefecture to see 貞光二層うだつの町並み (Sadamitsu Double Udatsu Streetscape). Udatsu in Sadamitsu is well know for their double tiers. There are a few Udatsu Streetscapes in Tokushima Pref. Udatsu in Wakimachi is well known one, yet Sadamitsu’s is also worth to visit and also easy to access from Udatsu JR train station.

Sadamitsu town flourished as a vital point of commerce and transportation after the middle Edo period. Until around 1955, Sadamitsu was crowded with people who purchased agricultural tools, everyday items, medicines, etc in exchange for leaf tobacco and vegetables from villages in the mountains. Sadamitsu was one of the major commercial areas alongside Wakimachi.

When you visit Sadamitsu, don’t miss visiting two structures; 織本屋 (Orimotoya) and 旧永井家庄屋屋敷 (the Former Nagai Merchant House).

Orimotoya is located on 一宇街道(Ichiu kaido) and is former sake brewery. Orimotoya is probably built in 1772 or before. They found ridge tags from 1772 and 1871 during repairing the building.

The Former Nagai Merchant House was built in 1791. Comparing the layout of the Former Nagai Merchant House with the layout of other standard houses, they clearly have different tastes. There were some similarity between the Nagai house and one of the Comparing the layout of the Nagai and Ichiu Village headman’ house, there were some similarity between them. It shows that the Nagai house is a valuable historical and cultural asset.

Orimotoya and the Former Nagai Merchant House are open from 9am to 5pm except on the third Wednesday of every month and the end/beginning of the year. Entrance fee is free for both.


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