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October 21, 2018 - Tohoku Series: Hoshino Resorts Aomoriya (¯–샊ƒ][ƒg ÂX‰®)

DISCLAIMER: The following travel report is my own opinion about the resort hotel I stayed in, and my experiences. This is NOT a sponsored post and I have no connection with the resort hotel.

As part of the travels around the Tohoku Region, I stayed for one night one of the hotels in the Hoshino Resorts chain. Located in Misawa, Aomori Prefecture it is a twenty minute train ride from Hachinohe Station on a private rail line. This rail line is included in the JR East Tohoku Rail Pass. This resort hotel is located
a few minute free shuttle bus ride from the train station.

The complex consists of a central building where all of the checking in and out takes place. There are a few hotel wings including a shorter building and a taller one where all the rooms are located.

A significant part of the grounds are few period buildings and an expansive pond creating a very inviting atmosphere. Inside the main resort building shops and restaurants, and a dinner/show stage where a nightly show performance guests with upgraded packages.

Another significant part of the report are their onsens. There are several onsen pools including one housed in its own building (shown below). The best onsen facility is located part of the main building (not shown). What makes this special is there is an onsen "path" that takes you to the outdoor pool. This outdoor pool overlooks a small pond and lush vegetation.

Below are some photos of the period and traditional buildings, and the pond. I really enjoyed strolling through the park while in your yukata which you can rent out. The park is very peaceful and tranquil, and is big enough that it does not feel claustrophobic at all.

One of the highlights was the Dinner/Show which I had attended as part of an upgraded package. Although the performances are in Japanese, you can still feel the energy and vibe as they play their instruments and push these lighted carts as part of the various matsuri festivals in the summer.

The dinner was very delicious and there were many courses. The sashimi was so fresh and the various cooked dishes was exquisite.

Overall this is a very recommended to stay at least for one night in this resort hotel. The hospitality was incredible with staff smiling and greeting you from the time you enter the shuttle bus at Misawa Station to take you to the hotel, to the time you are taken back to the train station. The onsen experience was so relaxing and the backdrop to the onsen bath was unforgettable. The amenities and the Dinner Show was so much fun I could go back and watch it again and again.

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