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February 27, 2019 - Nageiri-do Hall at Sanbutsuji Temple (Mt. Mitoku) in Tottori

Itfs not only about climbing the most dangerous National Treasure, itfs also a lesson and an experience going up Mitoku-san and seeing the Nageiri-do Hall. The climb was not a physical challenge but more of a test of faith. The monk guided us through the same route which the other monks had taken in the old time to pursue spiritual cleansing. There was no clear solid path but steep trail over rocks. One would only get support from the tree roots and branches in the exhausting climb. However, he would soon forget about the tiredness when reaches the Monjudo Hall and sitting on the edge of the Hall overlooking the magnificent view. After the break, the climb continued further up to the Kannondo. Passing through behind the dark and narrow path of Kannondo symbolised being reborn like moving through a motherfs womb. Coming out the other side was a new beginning. Soon after making another turn, it was the amazing view of the Nageiri-do clinging to the side of Mitoku-san. Stood there for a while to appreciate the structure while wondering how it was built 850 years ago. Unfortunately, no one know the answer.

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