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February 28, 2019 - Lunch at Kaiyotei in Tottori

This restaurant is located next to the Kanikko-kan within the local fresh-food market, which gave it a particular atmosphere. The succulent seafoods served here were freshly taken from the Japan sea. One could watch his (white) squid or lobster being pulled from the tanks in the middle of the room. From there it's cleaned and served immediately. The most unforgettable dish was the Odori-ika (dancing squid) which the squid was served in sashimi dish while its tentacles were still moving. But the real treat was the tempura of the tentacles which the taste of freshness remained unspoiled.

Squids were swimming in the pond located in the middle of the restaurant.
Could see the squids changed colour when they were in threat.
Dishes were served on a mini wooden boat.

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