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February 28, 2019 - Lunch at Mitaki-En in Tottori

It's about an hour drive to the south from Tottori City deep into the country side where forest of Mongolian oak and Japanese cedar, clear flowing streams, and waterfalls awaits you. And in the heart-comforting nature, there stood a few nostalgic thatch roof houses that seasonal sansai (wild plants) dishes taken from the mountain were served. One would enjoy the meal in an open sunken hearth ozashiki (tatami mat room). Some of the impressive dishes were the exceptional flavour of the soup made from the 3-year preserved miso and the handmade konjac (solidified jelly made from the rhizome of devilfs tongue).

Restaurant in the woods.
Chestnuts were found everywhere in the compound.
One of the thatch houses hosting the guests for lunch.
Guests could take a seat on one of these benches in the compound to enjoy nature.
Our dining area.
Near our dining area was a Japanese sunken hearth, or it's called an Irori in Japanese.
The feeling of enjoying a cup of coffee after lunch relaxing at a cafe in the nature overlooking the waterfall is just beyond words.

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