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Aizu Sake Museum

Aizu is naturally blessed with the three requisites for brewing good sake: high quality rice, an abundance of pure water, and cold weather. Rice and water are the two ingredients of sake, and the cold weather is desirable during the fermentation process. Since Aizu's sake brewers could avail themselves to these things before the advent of modern technology, the region has had a long tradition of sake brewing.

Over the course of Aizu's rich sake producing history, local technique and expertise has developed immensely and many quality sake producers have evolved. One of them, Miyaizumi, has partly converted its old brewery into the Aizu Sake Museum (Î𑢗j Aizu Shuzō Rekishikan).

The museum offers visitors a look at both Aizu's sake brewing history and the sake making process generally. Both modern and traditional sake making equipment is on display. Adding to the enjoyment of a visit, some sake sampling opportunities are available. There is also a gift shop.

Display explaining different sake qualities


The Aizu Sake Museum is located a 5-10 minute walk north of Tsuruga Castle Park. The Aizu Loop Bus stops at "Kitademaru Odori" (20 minutes from Aizu-Wakamatsu Station) in front of the museum.

How to get to and around Aizu

Hours & Fees

Aizu Sake Museum


8:30 to 17:00 (May to October)
9:00 to 16:30 (November to April)


No closing days


300 yen
Page last updated: February 27, 2015