The Expo 2005 is held outside of Nagoya, Japan's fourth largest city.

How to get to Nagoya:

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How to get from Nagoya to the Expo:

The expo is located about 15 kilometers east of central Nagoya. It is held on two sites: the Nagakute site, which is the main site, and the much smaller Seto site, which is connected from the Nagakute site by gondolas and buses (free of charge).

There are three major ways to get from Nagoya to the Expo:

Method 1: By Subway and Linimo
Approx. 50 minutes, 630 Yen

1) Take the Higashiyama Subway Line from central Nagoya to Fujigaoka (30 minutes, 290 Yen, frequent departures).
2) From Fujigaoka take the Linimo and get off at Banpaku Kaijo Station just in front of the North Gate of the Nagakute Expo Site (15 minutes, 340 Yen, frequent departures).
The Linimo is Japan's first maglev train. It started regular operation only a few days before the expo opening in March 2005. This is a very popular way to access the expo, and in the morning around opening time, you should expect waiting times at Fujigaoka Station.

Method 2: By JR train and Linimo
Approx. 50 minutes, 940 Yen (Japan Rail Pass holders pay only 540 Yen)

1) Take the "Expo Shuttle" from Nagoya or Kanayama Station to Banpaku Yakusa Station (40 minutes, 780 Yen, Japan Rail Pass holders pay 380 Yen for the non-JR section, three trains/hour).
2) From Banpaku Yakusa Station, take the Linimo to Banpaku Kaijo Station just in front of the North Gate of the Nagakute Expo Site (5 minutes, 160 Yen, frequent departures). Alternatively there are shuttle buses from Banpaku Yakusa Station to the expo site (10 minutes, 160 Yen) on busy days.
The Expo Shuttle is a train, which operates only during the expo. It runs along the JR Chuo Line between Nagoya and Kozoji Stations and along the Aichi Loop Line between Kozoji and Banpaku Yakusa Stations. Because the Aichi Loop Line is not owned by Japan Railways (JR), holders of the Japan Rail Pass will have to pay a supplement fee of 380 Yen.

Method 3: By Meitetsu Bus
Approx. 40 minutes, 750-1000 Yen

Take the "Expo Liner" from Nagoya Station (Meitetsu Bus Terminal) directly to the Nagakute Expo Site. The bus ride takes about 40 minutes and costs 1000 Yen one way or 1500 Yen for a round trip. There are departures every 10-20 minutes.
The Meitetsu Bus Terminal is located a short walk south of Nagoya Station. At the expo site, the bus stops near the East Gate.

Guide to the Expo 2005 Aichi: