Operation hours

The expo is held from March 25 to September 25, 2005.
It is open daily from 9:00 to 22:00.

The smaller Seto site closes already at 18:00 (19:00 during summer holidays: 7/20 to 8/31). Pavilions close one hour before closing time. Ticket counters open 30 minutes before opening time and close one hour before closing time.

Ticket types

Various tickets for admission to the expo site are available. The major ticket types are introduced below:

One-day admission: 4,600 Yen
Evening admission (after 5pm): 2,300 Yen
Weekday 4-Pack: 16,400 Yen
Unlimited admission pass: 17,500 Yen

There are discounts for groups of 15 or more people (about 15% off), seniors aged 65 and above (about 20% off), young adults aged 12-17 (about 45% off) and children aged 4-11 (about 70% off).

For the purchase of unlimited admission passes, a passport photo sized 3.0 x 2.4 cm is required. Passport photos can be made at the expo gates.

Admission to pavilions and events is free of charge. Transportation between the Nagakute and Seto sites (by gondola or bus) is also free of charge, however, transportation within the Nagakute site (by bus, tram, taxi or gondola) costs additional fees.

Where to buy tickets

Outside of Japan, tickets can be purchased over the internet or from travel agents. Note, however, that, if you purchase your tickets online, you will receive an exchange voucher rather than an actual ticket. Likewise, many travel agents outside of Japan can only provide you with vouchers rather than actual tickets (see below).

Inside Japan, expo admission tickets can be purchased at the expo gates and major travel agencies across the country.

Actual tickets vs. exchange vouchers

Depending on where you purchase your admission ticket (see above), you will either receive the actual, physical ticket or a voucher. Vouchers have to be exchanged into actual tickets at the expo gates.

For the following reasons, try to get an actual ticket from the beginning or exchange your voucher as early as possible:

In order to make advance reservations, you need your actual, physical expo admission ticket, because the serial number printed on the actual ticket is required in the reservation process. It is not possible to make advance reservations with a voucher.

Furthermore, the additional step of exchanging the voucher into the actual ticket can be inconvenient. Especially if you try to enter the expo site as early in the morning as possible, you will first have to line up at the ticket counters, which open only 30 minutes before the gates.

Restrictions on entering the expo

Security checks are performed on each visitor at the entrance gates. Among the items not allowed to be brought into the expo sites are outside food and beverages, with the exception of personally prepared lunch boxes and personal thermos bottles.

Guide to the Expo 2005 Aichi: