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Bonsai tree seeds in Kyoto 2013/2/17 08:56
Good day!

I'm going to Kyoto in 5 months. Real excited.
While I'm there I want to get myself a bonsai.
Though, it would be a hassle getting that thing alive back to the Netherlands..
Does anyone know if/where I can get bonsai seeds in Kyoto?

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Re: Bonsai tree seeds in Kyoto 2013/2/17 19:34
A bonsai tree is a normal tree that has been pruned and (mis)treated to grow small and forced into a certain form. In other words, there are no seeds just for bonsai trees. Some trees endure this better than others. There a restriction on plants that you can bring into the EU from outside the EU. http://www.inbrief.co.uk/neighbour-disputes/importing-plants-and-seeds...

If you want to start with a seedling, visit a pine forest and dig out on of the tiny trees you'll find there and start pruning.
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Re: Bonsai tree seeds in Kyoto 2013/2/18 13:33
From seeds for a novice, forget about it.
Bonsai takes years of patiently caring, watering, pruning, wire-forming.
Most people give up and let it die.
If you think you can do it, buy one locally that has a basic form already.
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Re: Bonsai tree seeds in Kyoto 2013/2/19 12:51
There are people growing Bonsai in many countries. Are you sure you can't find a place selling them in your own country?

About bonsai in Holland:
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