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japan internship summer 2013 2013/2/17 12:49
i am going for an internship in okhinawa this summer. my salary is 2500 yen per day including tax. forget apartment and travel, how much will be my daily expense if i plan to cook daily. i am a vegetarian. what will be the average temperature during the period.
by vikis  

Re: japan internship summer 2013 2013/2/17 19:25
As internship is mostly supposed to be unpaid, that amount would probably be considered "daily allowance" rather than "salary." if you eat out, that might not be enough to cover your food bill. If you cook at home, you willie OK. What else do you need to pay yourself? Any phone bills, utilities, or something? Also be sure your accommodation comes with decent kitchen utensils and pots and pans (I'm saying because I have seen small studio apartment that came with minimum kitchen equipment.)

For temperature, check the "when to travel" section under Travel.
by AK (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: japan internship summer 2013 2013/2/17 19:50
Are you doing one of those okinawan hotel internships? You'll probably be working so much you won't have time for spending lots of money...
by GunnerAU (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: japan internship summer 2013 2013/2/17 21:47
my internship is at okhinawa institute of science and technology. can i have the best reliable source giving info about the price of vegetables, other utilities etc. is this daily allowance sufficient, so that i can have some savings, or kind of something for leisure trips or outings during weekend? and i also want to know about the expected tax in my case, so that i can finalise a decision whether or not this economical.
by vikis rate this post as useful

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