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Cavern Club still open in Roppongi? 2013/2/17 16:23
I visited this place back in 2010 becuase Im a HUGE Beatles fan and I was NOT dissapointed it. But I was dissapointed to see their website was down...anyone know if the place is still open? I know they had a rivalry with the nearby Abbey Road...but I thought the Cavern Club was MUCH better IMO.
by JOSH (guest)  

Re: Cavern Club still open in Roppongi? 2013/2/17 18:27
Nov. 22, 2010 they suspended operation (due to repeated facility trouble - some other establishments in the same building used up a lot of electric capacity), then officially closed in the spring of 2011. Real reasons not published.
by AK rate this post as useful

Re: Cavern Club still open in Roppongi? 2013/2/18 15:38
Ah that sucks...oh well, Abbey Road it is.
by JOSH (guest) rate this post as useful

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