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Using 110-230 V 50 Hz charger in Japan 2013/2/21 23:14
I am about to buy a battery (Nimh) charger over here. It was quite a good offer at the moment, it says it can handle 110-230 V, but as it says just 50 Hz I am unsure if it might not work in the part of Japan where it is 60 Hz.

Anyone knows why it is a difference in the frequency in the same country by the way?
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Re: Using 110-230 V 50 Hz charger in Japan 2013/2/22 09:48
It's 50Hz in East Japan and 60Hz in West Japan. The race to electrify Japan in the 1800s was between the Europeans and the Americans. The Europeans provided generators for the East and the Americans for the West. They operated on different frequencies and thus the differences. It was a problem during the 3/11/11 disaster, as Kansai couldn't provide electricity to Kanto.

As far as your question, I don't think it'll work and it may even damage the charger. I'm not 100% sure though.
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Re: Using 110-230 V 50 Hz charger in Japan 2013/2/22 11:50
Also consider that Japan uses 100v system, not 110v. Plus chargers go on sale all the time, so I'd look for one that is guaranteed to work.
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