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Burg 7 cinema at Kinezo 2013/2/22 00:24

I have a question about ticket reservation at Burg 7 cinema. I managed to register a Kinezo.jp where the actual reservation is carried out. Seems like it's possible to pay with credit card, Suica and even with cash. My question is how do I get the tickets if I pay with card? Will it be e-ticket sent via e-mail? If I choose to pay with cash, there's some note about ticketing machine in the cinema, and I'm not really sure if I would be able to use it. ^_^;
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Re: Burg 7 cinema at Kinezo 2013/2/22 09:59
I haven't use the system before, but according to the website, when you finish the reservation, you'll get the reservation number.
Then, you go to the cinema and get a ticket from the online ticket vending machine with the number.

They say you should come a bit early because many people use this machine.
They also say if you pay by cash, you should come and get a ticket at least 30 minutes before. Otherwise your reservation will be canceled.


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Re: Burg 7 cinema at Kinezo 2013/2/22 16:18
Well, coming early is not a problem. ^_^ At the time of the reservation, I'll already have Visa classic, so I guess it should be accepted. (I have Visa electron now, which I can't even use at Amazon, though it worked few years back) But it's nice to have an option of paying with cash for the case the card wouldn't work. So I'm not really sure which method I'll end up using. Seems like even buying a ticket will be a little bit of an adventure. ^_^

Thanks for an answer! ^_^
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