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Posting stuff home to Australia 2013/2/23 10:57
Hi there me and my partner are currently in osaka, we will soon be traveling to Kyoto and tokyo as well
We have bought a lot of anime figures and are looking for any help on how to post them back to Australia.
They are all unboxed and relatively light (roughly about 5-10kg)
We have been researching lots but still struggeling to find answers, our hotel staff also speak very little English, so not a lot of help there.

We would like to send stuff home so we a) don't have to carry it around when travelling from city to city and b) minimise our luggage weight on our flight back home to Australia
We most likely will have the same situation in Tokyo.
So, any help on cost, how to, and customs type stuff would be very helpful
by Kristen (guest)  

Re: Posting stuff home to Australia 2013/2/23 16:06
Have no idea, but a good place to start would be a major Post Office: the Osaka Post Office is not far from JR Osaka station.
Good luck!
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Re: Posting stuff home to Australia 2013/2/23 20:11
There are a few options to choose from, the summary of which is the faster it travels the more it costs, as you'd expect. If you can live without it all for 2-3 months, then Surface Mail is a great choice. We sent about 15kg of winter clothes, new shoes and other souvenirs in earlyish March 2011 and it arrived in early May. I believe it cost about $120, but that's much cheaper than the weight fee would have been with Jetstar. The exchange rate wasn't as good as it is now either - probably 80 instead of 96. The post office can provide you with the box, tape, plastic straps & necessary paperwork, possibly costs a small fee (can't quite recall, sorry).
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Re: Posting stuff home to Australia 2013/2/24 20:49
www.post.japanpost.jp/english - allows you to compare prices of various sized items and cost of different methods of delivery
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Re: Posting stuff home to Australia 2013/2/25 06:45
Aye what Megan said, when we went 2 years back we thought about sending things back but I think my boyfriend said it would end up being cheaper to bring it home ratehr than sending it.

Could have changed now.
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Re: Posting stuff home to Australia 2013/2/25 08:19
In terms of Jetstar's excess baggage fees at the airport, it's 1500 yen per kg, without any guarantee to be able to fit the extra luggage. For our situation as above, it would have been 22500, which is the same cost as the International mail rate (not express) as per the direct link I posted to the fee calculator. The 8500 for surface mail therefore made a lot more sense. By the way, we had a luggage scale and knew we'd be in excess of our weight allowance.
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