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Buying ring in Tokyo 2013/2/26 09:16
My wife and I will be going to Tokyo in April and she prefers the ring designs in Japan than in our home country. She always looks at the rings online.

I don't want to spend too much money (hopefully Min. $100USD and max. $500USD) but I'm hoping to buy a nice simple design with small diamonds.

Can anyone recommend places/shops around Tokyo?
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Re: Buying ring in Tokyo 2013/2/26 17:53
You are not looking for an engagement ring, right? I hope the two of you are relatively young, with that budget... have you checked which shops she is looking at online?

One name that comes immediately to mind is 4 (4 degrees C), and their is like this:

This shop is located in many department stores, and their "bridal jewelry" specialty shops are in Ginza and in Shinjuku too.

Another one is Vendome Aoyama:

You'll get some ideas about the price range, I suppose... generally speaking, jewelry is more expensive in Japan than in the US or in (at least some countries of) Europe, as far as I know.
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Re: Buying ring in Tokyo 2013/2/26 19:09
Thank you for the reply.

Thankfully it's not for the engagement ring. But she wants to have a 2nd ring to wear from time to time.

I'll check out the shops
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Re: Buying ring in Tokyo 2013/2/26 19:38
Whoops, sorry I somehow overlooked that you said you were coming with your wife.
For browsing enjoyment, I recommend the ground floor of Isetan Department in Shinjuku. The brands and prices vary widely (and wildly) but it's good fun. This department store has some boutiques that others don't carry. This place is on the trendy and expensive side, though.
If you are in your mid-20/0s or so, try places like PARCO or LUMINE. Those are tenant buildings/shopping complex housing many boutiques catering to rather younger generation.
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