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OK store pickled noodle recipe? 2013/2/26 15:13
I became addicted to a noodle dish I could buy at the OK store when I lived in Tokyo. Cellophane noodles, sliced veg (cucumber, root?, radish, carrot in a clear pickled tasting sauce) made by the store, served cold. My neighbor also brought me some during the new year time. Does anyone know this recipe? Am dying to find it, have researched it, but sadly no luck yet...please help-am salivating thinking about it!
by Teresa (guest)  

Re: OK store pickled noodle recipe? 2013/2/26 23:23
I'm not sure what dish you found at OK store as there's none in my area, but the dih your neighbour brought in New Year season should be 'namasu', usually made of radish and carrot.

You can add lotus root, peeled and thinly sliced and boiled. I've never heard of namasu with harusame (what you call 'cellophane noodle') but if you like, you can soak it in hot water for a while, drain, and add to namasu.
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