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Japan In A Day on DVD? 2013/2/28 07:00
Back on 3/11/12, Fuji TV, in collaboration with Ridley Scott, asked people to film anything they wanted as long as it was shot on 3/11/12, the anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake. They asked people to submit through YouTube what they had filmed and a motion picture was made which debuted in the Tokyo International Film Festival on 11/3/12. All those who participated in the project would get recognition on the film. I sent my film, shot in Ishinomaki at 2:46pm and wondered if it ever made it.

It's been some time now and I wonder if this film will ever come out on DVD. So far, no information has been disseminated on FaceBook or YouTube but I was wondering if anyone can find any information on Japanese websites whether this film has come out on DVD in Japan yet. How long does a Japanese film take from being shown in the cinema to having it come out on DVD?

If anyone could shed some light on this, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you!
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Re: Japan In A Day on DVD? 2013/3/10 14:17
I don't know about DVD, but tonight FUJI TV is broadcasting the film.
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Re: Japan In A Day on DVD? 2013/3/11 08:56
Thank you max. 40! I hope you get to see it. Perhaps you'll tell me how it was. Unfortunately, I won't be in Japan until October and I wonder if they'll be airing it by then.
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