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Up to date on JP pop culture? 2013/3/2 08:28
I feel a bit left out compared to the rest of the ALTs I know and am working with. Many of them love anime and manga, others always talk about Japanese singers and musicians, always talk about different TV shows, some know all the popular styles and shops.

I do not know much about any of that. I remember some anime, manga, singer and musicians from when I was younger. I know of some popular styles like gyaru and some of the shops at Shibuya 109. However, I am no where near as up to date as the others are. Because of that they have been able to make friends with other Japanese young adults.

I am just curious as to any websites that I can read (preferably in English) up on current popular stuff in Japan. I am more interested in the music and shopping than anime and manga - it brings back fond memories, but I don't care too much to get back into it. The music, TV, and styles/shopping I would enjoy learning more about.

Someone recommended Soompi, but from the couple of articles I read it related more to Korean music and TV (although I know that is well liked here in Japan too).
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Re: Up to date on JP pop culture? 2013/3/2 12:00
I'm pretty much the same. I don't keep up with much either and haven't for years, which is surprising given how into the music I was. Grew bored of it and only keep up with a few artists/groups that have been around for a good long while, like Do As Infinity,Namie Amuro, Dreams Come True, etc., or artists who are extremely underrated, like Akino Arai or Rie Fu. I still like manga but don't keep up with many series. As for anime....been bored for many years with that, unless its an old series.

Anywho, you could try this message board...


It used to be jpopmusic.com, but a couple of years ago the site got screwed so they moved here. I'm not as active as I used to be, but I'm sure you can learn about current artists and bands.
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Re: Up to date on JP pop culture? 2013/3/19 12:48
here's what i read that's somehow latest in JP pop culture.

"AKB48 to perform at Tokyo Auto Salon Singapore 2013

The most exclusive car show in Asia will now also play host to the most popular Japanese idol group when they come to perform here in Singapore during the showfs mid-April dates.

Japanfs most popular idol group AKB48 will be performing gLIVEh at the Tokyo Auto Salon Singapore 2013. These lovely girls will be performing popular songs like gHeavy Rotationh, which is also the theme song for Tokyo Auto Salon Singapore 2013, and many more other songs like gAitakattah."

the rest can be read at http://sgcafe.com/2013/03/akb48-perform-tokyo-auto-salon-singapore-2013/

I am more of a kpop fan than JPOP but I understand AKB48 is famous too.
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