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Lunch at Miyajima for vegans 2013/3/3 00:06

My family and I are trying to decide between eating lunch on the ferry from Hiroshima to Miyajima or just eating a quick lunch once we're on the island. The concern I have is that my husband and I are both vegan/vegetarian, so I'm not sure if the ferry lunch will be able to accommodate our dietary needs. Also, another person in our group does not like oysters. We are eating at a nicer restaurant for dinner, so just a simple lunch would be fine.

Thank you.
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Re: Lunch at Miyajima for vegans 2013/3/3 23:16
Although there are vegan/vegetarian restaurants in Japan, it is maybe not easy to find them without knowing a bit more of the town. Miyajima itself is sort of a tourist circus with loads of restaurants but they are more aimed at the average tourist and unless you do know what standard Japanese food is vegan/vegetarian, it might be difficult to find a place for you.
This link will help, but unfortunately it doesn't list Miyajima (it does list 5 place in Hiroshima though)
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Re: Lunch at Miyajima for vegans 2013/3/7 19:36
It's a pretty short ferry ride with nice views anyway, so my recommendation would be to just fill up on momiji manju once you get to Miyajima.
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