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Spreading Ashes 2013/3/3 10:33
I don't believe I am posting this question, but the Japanese tend to have something for everything. Is there such a thing as a company that receives urns from the US and spread the ashes of me? I have no family and wish to be returned to my mother's homeland to be spread after cremation.
by MN Ronin (guest)  

Re: Spreading Ashes 2013/3/3 14:38
spread the ashes of me

From what I have heard about death in Japan it is seems to be forbidden to spread ashes.
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Re: Spreading Ashes 2013/3/3 14:50
There are companies in Japan who spread ashes at sea, in appropriate areas (not near swimming beaches, not right in the path of boats, etc) I just can't find anyone who says they are willing to accept such requests from overseas. I don't know where you live, but maybe you could do searches in the state of Hawaii for such a contractor? The reason why I say that is because there are many Hawaiians of Japanese origin, I thought there may be other people with similar wishes as you.
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Re: Spreading Ashes 2013/3/3 16:17
Certainly, there are companies than can spread cremated remains to ocean and mountains. Do you know where your mother came from originally? I can look up for you if you want to contact them.

This company does that for you to the Tokyo Bay or to the mountain they own.
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Re: Spreading Ashes 2013/3/3 21:25
jomonstrider that might be exactly what I am looking for. Thank you very much!
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