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parcelbound in Japan 2013/3/3 16:36
I like to buy the products online especially on discounted items on gadgets, mobile phones and etc. on japan; but my problem is how I am going to ship it. My friend suggested that I should try parcelbound.com. Anyone here who has heard or try this? Or can you recommend me a trusted cargo forwarder online that you know of?
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Re: parcelbound in Japan 2013/3/3 17:17
Do you mean that you are outside Japan, but want to buy from Japanese online shops, have them sent to an address in Japan, and have a forwarder sent them together to the US?

I believe there are shopping services (companies that do Japan-related shopping for you, and ship outside Japan), but not a forwarder like parcelbound.

parcelbound.com seems to do this for online shops in the US to someone outside the US, meaning, I live in Japan, so I can get a US address through this service, buy from US online shops and have the merchandise sent to that address so that they can ship them to me in Japan. OK, it will be good if I know that some sellers only ship domestically, and I can get certain products only from those sellers, but I just checked their rates, and unless you buy seriously A LOT, the rates don't seem to make sense in particular.
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Shopping the USA from Japan 2013/3/4 08:43
Hello there!

I know friends of mine in Asia use similar companies to shop USA stores and ship to Asia and Australia!

The costs become reasonable when you consolidate packages from more than one store. These friends act as a buying club and shop Amazon, Nordstrom and some crafts through Etsy,com. They then share the shipping costs and then it makes financial sense.

Over the past couple years, they've tried 3-4 different services, but has found the service and rates at Stackry.com the most reasonable. I'm led to believe that they offered personalized customer support, which was tough to find elsewhere. They also liked that there were no set up or membership fees. They figured it was worth trying once and testing it out. They've been with Stackry ever since.

I checked with some of these people by chat -- they had never heard of parcelbound, so they could not lend their opinion.

Two of these friends said you should try and shop with friends and family -- they think it makes more financial sense.

Good luck!
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Re: parcelbound in Japan 2013/3/5 10:41
Why is it that any question about freight forwarders/consolidators anywhere on the internet attracts comments from new members/guests that are oddly written and seem to be from shills? All the major companies seem to do this (even ones that I have successfully used and am happy with). But I don't like it as it appears impossible to find any genuine reviews of these sort of companies. These dirty tricks are odd considering how much trust we have to put in third party shipping companies.
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